Catholic Sisters are not as readily identified as in the past when they wore habits and had a greater presence in many Catholic schools.

Today, Sisters choosing the vowed religious life come with a wide range of education training and experiences. We've earned graduate and undergraduate degrees and mapped out careers. Some have years of service in both the public and private sectors.

Today, the ministries of our Sisters are shaped by the needs of our neighbors. We minister in parishes, hospitals, clinics, transitional housing sites, retreat centers, hospices and women's centers, to name only a few.

Today, we advocate for our sisters and brothers who are voiceless, lending our support to peace making, reconciliation and non-violence. We are especially moved by the plight of women and children relegated to the margins of society.

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Upcoming Events

National Catholic Sisters Week:  March 7-13, 2015

(Watch Video)

Catholic Sisters are being honored during Women's History Month with the inaugural National Catholic Sisters Week. This week intends to shine a light on the good works and good will of all Catholic Sisters - past and present. We pray that this week will bring awareness to the needs of those whom we serve, as well as serve as a resource and inspiration for those called to religious life.  For More information, visit the NCSW Facebook Page


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